Posted by on April 12, 2017

South by Southwest

Track Listing
1. Other Side of the Hill (Live)
2. Let Love Be True (Live)
3. Latter Day Cowboy (Live)
4. Hopes Up High (Live)
5. Jaded Lover (Live)
6. The Girl Just Loves to Dance (Live)
7. West Bound Train (Live)
8. Don’t Think Twice (Live)
9. Route 66 (Live)
10. New Boots (Live)
11. Spirit of the Endless Sky (Live)
12. Diamond Jane (Live)
13. My Kinda Day On Padre (Live)
14. River and the Rain (Live)
15. Baton Rouge (Live)
16. Tennessee Road (Live)
17. Utah Moon (Live)
18. I Ain’t Got No Home (Live)
19. You’re Still On My Mind (Live)